Southeast Asia

Home to 11 countries, the region of Southeast Asia is a melting pot of diverse religions and cultures. To date, out of a population of 635 million residing in the region, approximately 51.6% belong to the unreached people groups.

The region is generally divided into two sub-regions. Mainland Southeast Asia consists of countries located in the Indochinese Peninsula, namely, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. The other sub-region, Maritime Southeast Asia, includes a host of island countries, namely East Timor, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore.

The only two Christian countries in Asia is located in the region, namely East Timor and the Philippines. Additionally, Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim-majority nation is also part of Southeast Asia.

Mainland Southeast Asia


Cambodia is located at the southeast of the Indochinese Peninsula and is bordered by the countries of Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.

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Laos is located at the central part of the Indochinese Peninsula, with 70% of its area consisting of highlands and being bordered by China, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

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Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is located at the northwest of the Mainland SEA region and is widely known as a country where there are many “golden towers”.

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Located at the center of Mainland Southeast Asia region, Thailand, which means “land of the free”, is the only country that has never been colonized by Western countries in Southeast Asia.

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Long and narrow, Vietnam lies on the eastern coast of Indochinese Peninsula, and is bordered by Laos and Cambodia on its west and China to its north.

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Maritime Southeast Asia


By gaining independence from Indonesia in 2002, East Timor, also known as Timor-Leste, became one of the youngest countries in the world today.

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Being an archipelago of over 13,500 islands divided into 27 provinces, Indonesia is home to 779 people groups separated by 722 different languages, with more than 220 people groups being unreached with the Gospel.

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Consisting of Malay Peninsula and the states of Sabah and Sarawak that is separated by the South China Sea, Malaysia is a melting pot of religions, languages and cultures.

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Widely known as one of the two Christian countries in Asia, Philippines is a nation made up of over 7000 islands across 81 provinces.

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Singapore is an island located at the south of the Malay Peninsula and is a much developed nation with a booming economy.

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