Manila Church Meditate on the Faith of Noah, In Holy Fear Built An Ark

Manila Church Sunday Service

Manila - Members of Manila Immanuel Church continues with the study of Hebrews 11 with the story faith of Noah in recent Sunday Service.

With the title "In Holy Fear Built an Ark", ministers shared the story of Noah having faith in the things not yet seen. He was commended as righteous in the eyes of God. The congregation was lead to know more about faith in God not only for themselves but also for their family. The importance of building the ark of salvation into this fallen world.

One member shared " As a mother, as much as I long for the relationship in God I also want my two daughters to grow up knowing the word of God. The faith I am building now will also be inherited by children. Today I am enlightened thanking God as He daily revealing His heart to me."

It is with the hope that as the series of faith will continue, the congregants will gain a deeper understanding of such faith in God.