Cebu Church Start to Train Bible Teachers for The Revival

Cebu Gratia Church

Cebu - Brother Oliver, who became a CM on June 6 in Cebu Gratia Church (P), began his first teacher training on the 17th May.

Brother Oliver who is also the representative of St. Luke Society in the Philippines, lectured on the 'Image of God' to Brother Andrew who started Bible study newly on this day. He boldly proclaimed the words of God for two hours without any tremble, even though it was his first lecture.

He emphasized that the purpose of creation of our human being is to restore God's love and to restore the original beautiful Kingdom of God.

Brother Andrew, who heard his first lecture on this day, said that it was a very gracious word of God and it was time to experience the deep love of God.

RM Brother Jonathan said, "Brother Oliver first time delivered the lecture for me but I feel that he really has a gift as being Bible teacher" and, "I think Brother Oliver could be good qualified Bible teacher"

On the other hand, the Cebu Gratia Church that plans to relocate by July and dreams of leap new level of the church will spur evangelism and education in order to train more Bible teachers and prayers. And ask members in the world much attention and prayer for development of Cebu Church.