OA SEA to Evaluate Progress of 2nd Quarter of 2018, Aims to Raise More Leaders


Greeting a new month in two days, Olivet Assembly of Southeast Asia churches evaluate their mission progress across the five months, while devising new strategies towards achieving the annual goals to seek the fastest path to fulfill the goals by the General Assembly.

Giving thanks to God for His guidance over the growth in respective mission fields these past months, OA SEA General Office has recently reviewed the developments made;

1. Membership Growth

Every SEA church is striving towards breaking through on the number of 140RM, 70CM to progress to official church status. Weekly outreach program such as language and music, in addition to monthly large-scale events such as praise nights, movie nights and sports fellowship were been doing towards being effective in reaching and retaining the outreach participants to eventually be a member. It is encouraging that many SEA churches are adding members to their spiritual family every month.

2. Leadership Development

While focusing on increasing the number of members, SEA churches are to also prepare effective discipleship and leadership programs that will raise registered members towards being committed to expanding the ministries of the church.

More cell groups leaders and group Bible study Teacher were exercise to create more opportunities for mutual growth and serving, while the foundation of Genesis 1-4, Romans 1-8 and Matthew 13 ought to be taught well to raise the faith level of members, in addition to encouraging their involvement in service preparation, outreach programs, evangelism and Bible teaching.

Manila Church appointed a new head minister, after setting up faith and take a challenge to lead the local church. Minister Jaidi Yu, who currently serving the church full-time worker for almost 1 year on June 1, 2018, in Manila church, will assume the role of Minister Hazel and spearhead the daily mission.

3. Fellowship Expansion

One of the keys to the fulfillment of 100,000 leaders in the region is reaching people from all age groups. The fellowships that were established recently are St.Luke Society (SLS) in Philippines and SEA Youth Evangelical Fellowship (YEF) Representative.

4. SEA Strengthens Network with Global Leaders

In addition to regular online conferences with respective international HQs of WOA and several fellowships, SEA leaders were blessed with opportunities to strengthen their network with OA Korea and OA China.

Further, Chinese members had a short-term mission trip in Malaysia and Myanmar. It was a great time for two countries for a great revival in the mission field as they co-work with them. Also, Chinese Missionaries were identified on the transition of leadership in Laos church.

6. KBers SEA Diversifies Expansion Models to Support Regional Mission

Working towards the region being fully self-supported financially, the continual efforts of KBers SEA to diversify various expansion models. Currently, churches across the region are actively participating in IBSpot as a new platform of self-sufficient.

Speeding up efforts to realize the self-sufficiency vision across the region, Missionary Lily from Vietnam was appointed as TM SEA representative.

Entering the new month with a trembling heart and great anticipation of God's work in the region, may OA SEA churches hold on to the goals that they have set earlier this year, onwards making them come true one by one with efforts placed in membership growth, leadership development, and church planting.