Laos Church Members Attended Prayer Meeting Filled with Holy Spirit

Laos Church Members

Vientiane Immanuel Church held a gracious prayer meeting on June 1st. Ten people attended the prayer meeting, and the church was greatly revived by the anointing of the holy spirit.

Around 5 pm, the members came to church to begin preparations, Brother Daoxiong led the lambs to study hymns, Sister Zhang Xu and Brother Fai prepared the English songs of the retreat and OLI, and Sister Yaling helped prepare dinner.

After dinner, the members first gave thanks for the praise and then heard the words "If you have faith like the mustard seed", exhorting everyone to build confidence and offer a prayer of faith. Afterward, the members prayed with one heart and one mind. During the prayer, the members received the rich anointing of the holy spirit and shed tears of emotion. The prayer meeting did not end until 9 o 'clock.

Thank God for bringing the lambs of the church to this prayer meeting. Pray that God will lead their hearts and strengthen their hearts so that they can pray more and surrender their hearts to God's love.