OA SEA Concluded Summer Retreat, "To Live with Faith Towards God's Kingdom"

OA SEA Concluded Summer Retreat
OA SEA Concluded Summer Retreat

Bangkok - Looking forward on the second half of 2018 to make significant progress in members faith and development towards working in building God's Kingdom through the second retreat of the region, Olivet Assembly of Southeast Asia ministers were encouraged as the event concluded the teaching of the life and ways of our Ancestor.

Emphasizing the importance of teaching the faith that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. The closing service was presided by Pastor Samuel encouraging the next generation of leaders to put their faith in God who is faithful.

In addition, the ministers and members were exhorted to be deeply rooted in their faith. Despite apparently being in position where they felt abandoned, such positions are opportunities where they are to set up greater faith towards the love of God which never changes towards them. The more they experience hardships in mission, such experiences will lead them towards being even more rooted in their faith towards God's Word and His promises, which will serve them well ahead of greater challenges to come in the future.

It is with great anticipation that as OA SEA members reveal faith it will be passed down to many awaiting hearts which leads to their eventual commitment and participation to build God's Kingdom in their respective nations.