Philippine Leaders Held Graceful Sunday Service at SEA Summer Retreat

Philippine Leaders
Philippine Leaders

Bangkok - Philippines leaders were encouraged to take the path of faith towards God through the way of our ancestors.

The message was delivered by Pastor Jabez entitled " The way of Jacob". It is essential to know about Jacob well. Jacob's story covers half of the 50 chapters in Genesis. God changed the name of Jacob to "Israel" and starting from him, the Israelite nation began. Therefore, Jacob became the ancestor of Israelites.

No matter what kind of hardship there is, we must not sell the spiritual blessing because of materialistic hardship or physical weariness. Let us be the ones who let God's blessing reach all generations by continuing the generation of blessing by all means.

One Minister shared " This passage reminds me that in order for us to receive the precious gift of God, we must exert some effort and exercise our faith. This may seem so easy but in reality, it is too difficult. Like Jacob who was threatened by his brother and suffered for how many years but he remains humble throughout the year of suffering.

she added "I pray to God to have a humble heart like Jacob has, the calmness and obedience of Isaac has and a faith that Abraham has. I hope that God could open my eyes to see beautiful things in a bad situation, I pray to God to fully change the way I think, towards many things in my life and the story of Rebekah make me understand why I need to listen and have an open heart towards my leaders/spiritual parents. I become too stubborn because of the kind of heart I have. May God always renew my mind, make me pure, to fix my eyes and be focus more to Him. This made me realized how repentance really important, this makes me realized why I have to lower down more myself and to trust myself and to God in this path of faith."