OA SEA Revisit Progress on the First Half of 2018 and Plan ahead Towards GA

OA SEA Exhorts Efforts to Reach Many

Entering the second half of 2018, Olivet Assembly of Southeast Asia revisit progress in mission and laid plan ahead towards General Assembly with anticipation to lay a firm foundation for subsequent developments onwards realizing the vision of 100,000 leaders across the region.

With the past months, Leaders and ministers concluded the first half of 2018 with the hope of revival in the mission. List down below are the developments of Southeast Asia Region;

A. Members Growth in terms of RM, CM, and Full-time Worker
B. Added New Missionaries in Laos and Thailand
C. Leadership Training was organized twice this year
D. Set Up E-Business such as TM

Working towards gaining 100,000 leaders, the ministers are challenged to proactively try various methods in order to achieve to be fulfilled.

1. Mission Growth

Every minister ought to keep the daily 3-3-3 standard strictly while tracking new evangelism contacts and Bible students daily to reach 24 members and obtain the official church status. Equal emphasis ought to be placed on direct one-on-one, outreach and online evangelism to reach a diverse of people.

SEA General Office also plans to pioneer cities to establish and to reach out to many thirsty souls especially in Non-Christians countries. Additionally, there are upcoming big events in SEA for SLS Ministry, which will be held in Cebu Philippines this end of July. Through the medical mission, We pray that the influence of SLS will affect not only the Philippines but also Southeast Asia.

2. Fellowship Expansion

One of the keys to the fulfilment of 100,000 leaders in the region is reaching people from all age groups. Towards that end, each country will aim to set up 3 active fellowships led by different leadership teams settled down in respective fellowship centers covering different age and interest groups. The fellowships that are being prioritized to be set up in 2018 are AM/YEF, OTM, Jubilee World and TM.

3. Leadership Training

As more people are being led to the church, raising them well to take up leadership roles in the church is a crucial step for subsequent mission developments. Leaders majoring in different tracks such as evangelist, Bible teachers, business and media personnel are anticipated to be raised locally. Additionally, regional and sub-regional OLI will be organized once every three months according to various specific themes such as Church Planting, Campus Mission, and Biblical Preaching is anticipated to raise leadership onto the next level to be more effective in exercising their roles in their respective ministries.

4. Professional Education

Towards expanding the current capacity of ministers and missionaries to teach professionally, qualified committed members of churches will be encouraged to sign up for studies with Olivet University. Across the year, committed members will be actively identified and challenged to recruit them to apply for studies at OU. Currently, there are 7 committed members from Vietnam, 5 CM from Cambodia and 3 minister in the Philippines that are preparing to apply in the fall semester. May God open the ways for them to study at our university. When all can successfully make it to OU it will make a new milestone in the history of SEA.

5. Business Expansion

As the regional mission map continues to expand in the coming year, TM network are starting to be established in every country in the region to ensure the region is fully self-supported. Currently, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam are full time doing TM. In the following days, Laos and Indonesia will also be active in TM and dropshipping business model. Qualified leaders who are mature in faith will be identified and sent for training in TM International HQ while networking closely with the HQ to explore various other business models in addition to advancing the current e-business model in the region. This aims that all SEA countries before WGA can fully be self-sufficient in each nation.

'Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? Run in such a way as to take the prize...Therefore I do not run aimlessly; I do not fight like I am beating the air.'