Manila Church Members Exhorted to Hold on to the Blessings of God

Manila Church Members Exhorted to Hold on to the Blessings of God

Stepping forward to encourage more members to respond to the love of God towards their lives and their nation, the new minister that was recently appointed delivered her first sermon during the recent Sunday Service of Manila Immanuel Church.

During the Sunday Service, Minister Jaidi delivered the message that was taken from Hebrews 11:21, exhorting the congregants about the importance of blessing that God gave to people which serves as an encouragement for them to keep the blessings of God.

The congregants were exhorted, " People always constant that God blesses them no matter what happens, we don't understand that we have to be grateful and give importance. Thankful for the message today. "

Reflecting on her first message, Minister Jaidi shared " I was nervous to stand and to deliver the precious message of our Lord in front of people, before I was sitting there, listening and just worship. I never think about this time to come. But I realized how God works in many ways, when I was done in the Sermon, I don't know if I deliver it well, if I deliver it according to His will, but what makes my heart happy is that they are blessed and they receive and accept the precious message of God. I hope many souls will seek God more, will open their hearts to accept the salvation and grace of our God."

All the members received abundant grace through the sharing. It is with great hope that as an understanding to hold on God's blessings, God's grace will overflow in each one's heart to know deep His love towards us.