Laos Church Meditates Root of Sin by the Sunday Service
1.29 2019 | Congregation

On 27th Jan 2019, Minister Daoxiong delivered the words of God and passage is Genesis 3:1-6 Minister Daoxiong noted what is Satan's work in our life. He is a liar and a murderer at the beginning of the world. We should aware of the temptation of Satan and must be able to overcome test from Satan by the faith and love of God. so beforehand we have to realize words of God deeply and depend on God fully in daily life.

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Bangkok Church held Graceful Sunday Service with 2 Newcomers
1.21 2019 | Congregation

On 20th Jan, Bangkok Immanuel Church welcomes 2 newcomers and total 12 peoples attend for the Sunday service in Immanuel Church and one of 2 newcomers is a Chinese Korean member and the other attendant is his friend and They are very glad to join to the Sunday service with Thailand church members.

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Cebu Church Starts 40 Days Mission Journey
1.11 2019 | Congregation

The Cebu Gratia Church began its 40-day journey to evangelism and It hopes to bring revival by February 28th. As Cebu Church began it's 40 - day journey starting with members on January 9, 2019, members will Invite peoples and distribute flyers to find participants for the Bible study and Free Korean class.

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Thailand Church Members has thankful Sharing Time
12.20 2018 | Congregation

Pastor Nahum delivered the Wednesday service at Bangkok Immanuel Church in Thailand in the title of 'Enlarge the place of your tent by taking verse Isaiah 54:1-8. He told that when we look at ourselves, we have no much fruits spiritually and physically but There is God's promise that there will have a great change, the children of the desolate woman will be more than children of her that is married.

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