Evangelism & Outreach

Evangelist is a word originated from “euangelion”, a Greek word meaning “a messenger who brings good news”. Its meaning denotes fulfillment of the Great Commission as its foremost aim. Evangelism effort is an indispensable element in every church no matter how big or where the church is. It applies Lord’s most vital demand towards all congregations, “Preach the gospel to all nations.”

Beginning at local church level, members of OA SEA churches are presented with many opportunities to share the Gospel such as giving out Gospel leaflets on the streets in addition to participating in various outreach programs that aim to serve their local communities with their God-given gifts and talents.

There is a variety of ways in evangelism and outreach. OA SEA assists every church to discover the best fit method of evangelism and outreach according to demographics, geographical location, and characters of current members.