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The Olivet Assembly of Southeast Asia (OA SEA) is committed to carrying out the Great Commission of Jesus Christ among all people around the world, preaching in places where people have not heard the Gospel, planting churches where people are responding to the Gospel, networking these churches for mission, and contributing to the advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Internship with OA Ministries

From time to time, internship opportunities are available with the 14 ministries associated with OA SEA which serve the body of Christ in fulfillment of diverse professional needs.

These ministries are comprised of organizations or institutions that operate respective fields through believers who are equipped in these areas. Their expression of faith in participating in these ministries provides an outlet for committed believers to contribute to the Kingdom through various occupations.

Adult Missions

The OA Adult Ministry understands the important for the older generations to experience fellowship, study the Bible, and experience God closely. Such an active engaging faith is necessary in a world...

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Art & Design

The necessity for connections between art and religion has never been more viable than in our present time. More than simply illustrating Christian themes, art and design plays a much bigger role...

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Finances play a crucial role to the success of every organization. Constant funding is required to fuel any effort to bear fruit. Despite the abundance of funds in today’s society, it is rarely used for good purposes.

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Marriage is a very special creation of God. As Genesis teaches, men and women were created in God's image, to be joined together in marriage as two becoming one flesh.

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In response to the recognition that good theological education is imperative in any ministry, the Education Ministry has the responsibility to publish and supply Biblical resources...

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The Healing Ministry of the Olivet Assembly (OA) seeks to advance the understanding of healing and to develop healing ministries in and beyond the Christian community.

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Natural disasters and impoverished circumstances make daily life an unbearable activity for millions of people. The World Olivet Assembly Humanitarian Ministry works to bring comfort and encouragement

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Information Technology

The IT Ministry of the Olivet Assembly (OA) is established to use these tools to fulfill the Great Commission Christ has given to His disciples.

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Inspired by hope for a better, harmonious world, the OA Justice Ministry was established to be an important advocate for ensuring freedom of religion and belief as fundamental rights guaranteed to everyone, including Christians.

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The Media Ministry of the Olivet Assembly desires to see today's media utilized to touch and influence the lives of people around the world.

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The OA Music ministry is comprised of a globally diverse and eclectic body of musicians, dancers, actors, and members purposed to glorify God through the sacrifices of praise and worship.

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With millions suffering daily from preventable ailments, medical healing is one of the most urgent needs today. Through training and collaboration, the Medial Ministry of the Olivet Assembly seeks promote good health...

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Teen Missions

OA Teen Ministry purposes to develop a remnant of teens that can spread the gospel among their peers in all environments and settings where other missions may not be effective.

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The OA Youth Ministry provides the younger generation, as well as those who wish to serve them, with scriptural studies, discipleship training, and opportunities for evangelism and service.

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GO! SEA (Short-Term Mission)

GO! SEA is a short-term mission programme that seeks to provide exposure, experience while equipping participants to share the Gospel to the SEA peoples.

Working hand-in-hand with the national Olivet Assemblies across the region, participants will be taking part in Bible lectures, outreach and fellowship activities in a cross-cultural setting, usually in a different country than their own, ranging from a commitment of 2 weeks till 3 months.

Long-Term Mission

Responding to God’s calling to serve long-term in a particular field is not an easy decision to make. OA SEA values and welcomes applications for long-term missionary positions.

Long-term missionaries accepted to the field will have the opportunity to attend regular missionary and church planting trainings, in addition to being constantly offered care and support by the General Office while being on the field towards succeeding in their respective fields.