According to Joshua Project, out of 11 countries in Southeast Asia, 9 of them fall under the 10/40 Window, which is home to some of the largest unreached people groups (UPGs) in the world. Out of a population of 635 million residing in the region, more than half of them, approximately 51.6% belong to the UPGs.

Despite being home to two well-recognized Roman Catholic majority nations in East Timor and the Philippines, to date, there are still 706 people groups who are unreached in the region, people groups among which there are no indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize these people groups without outside assistance. Most of these people groups are from various faith backgrounds, such as Buddhism, Islam, tribal religions and the unreligious.

In addition, six SEA nations, namely Brunei, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar and Vietnam also feature in the Open Door’s World Watch List 2016, a list of top 50 countries that reveal the extent of Christian persecution in the world.

Recognizing both the need and challenge to bring the Gospel to many who have yet to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ, it is one of the key mission of the Olivet Assembly of Southeast Asia (OA SEA) to research and identify the methods and strategies to communicate the Gospel in the fastest and most effective way to many who are unreached in the region.

Among the research projects that OA SEA are constantly involving in include effective communication methods of the Gospel to people from non-Christian faith backgrounds, understanding the culture and worldviews of specific UPGs and identifying connecting points to share the Gospel; and establishing foundations for indigenous-led churches to be self-governing, self-supporting and self-propagating.


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