Total Population: 15,787,000
Unreached Population: 15,670,000 (99.3%)

Number of People Groups: 42
Number of Unreached People Groups: 30 (71.4%)

Largest Religious Group: Buddhism (85.1%)
Professing Christians: 3.2% (1.61% Evangelicals)

Cambodia is located at the southeast of the Indochinese Peninsula and is bordered by the countries of Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. 90% of Cambodian population is Khmer, while the rest are Vietnamese (5%), Chinese (1%) and other minority people groups. 85.1% of its population are Buddhists, and are known to be cheerful, pure and devout in faith. With the influence of Buddhism, temples are commonly found across the nation.

Cambodians have endured many violent governmental changes in the last half of the 20th century. Invasions by its neighbors, the Vietnam War, and the ruthless Khmer Rouge regime have left Cambodians distrustful and guarded. The trauma from Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge regime (1975-1979), its mass evacuation of cities and towns, and the ruthless genocide of those they viewed as opposition can be seen across all generations. Despite past governmental attempts to eliminate all religions, Christianity has survived as believers have worshiped openly since 1990.

Protestant Christianity first entered the nation in 1923 through American missionaries from the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Despite several decades of missionary work, there are still not many churches across the country. However, the overwhelming social and emotional traumas of the past have left people open to the gospel. Indigenous churches that are growing in recent years constantly require more resources in equipping more leaders for its work alongside its blooming ministries of media publications and broadcasting.

Pray for Cambodia

1. Pray for the Church in Cambodia, that more workers will be equipped and sent out to many people groups that are still unreached, especially in the rural areas where many people live but have little Christian witness;

2. Pray for justice and healing among the Cambodian people from the Khmer Rouge genocide of the late 1970's, where many suffered and lost loved ones;

3. Pray for the young people in Cambodia, that many will come to faith and discipled well amidst many being taken advantage of and tricked into human trafficking, sex trade and unjust labor systems.