Total Population: 257,221,000
Unreached Population: 163,670,000 (63.6%)

Number of People Groups: 779
Number of Unreached People Groups: 221 (28.4%)

Largest Religious Group: Islam (82.1%)
Professing Christians: 12.8% (3.76% Evangelicals)

Being an archipelago of over 13,500 islands divided into 27 provinces, Indonesia is home to 779 people groups separated by 722 different languages, with more than 220 people groups being unreached with the Gospel. Historically known as strategic points of transportation and trades, it is also the most populous Muslim-majority nation in the world. 82.1% of the population are Muslims while close to 13% being Christians, and the rest being Buddhists and Hindus.

From early 16th century until mid-1940s, Indonesia found itself at the centre of colonization and imperialism. The Portuguese, Dutch, British, and Japanese all took turns to rule the nation, until it eventually gained independence in 1945. The subsequent 30 year reign of General Suharto until 1997 brought much distress to Indonesians despite its booming economy over the period.

Over the years, Christians in Indonesia faced much persecution, but it also gave rise to a greater unity between churches. New churches continue to be planted each year with more Indonesians from various ethnic and language speaking groups coming to faith as a result of the evangelistic efforts of the churches. Theological colleges and seminaries are being established across the nation with more believers committing themselves to full-time ministry. These developments bring much encouragement to communicate the Gospel to many yet to be reached, in spite of the evident realities at hand.

Pray for Indonesia

1. Pray for the Church in Indonesia to be an effective Christian witness in the Muslim majority nation, especially in sensitive areas where Christians are specifically persecuted for their faith;

2. Pray for unity and healthy relationship between churches and mission agencies to strategize and co-work together to reach the remaining unreached people groups with the Gospel;

3. Pray for production of more Christian resources in various indigenous languages for Indonesian Christians to exercise and share their faith with others.