Total Population: 101,383,000
Unreached Population: 5,017,000 (4.9%)

Number of People Groups: 201
Number of Unreached People Groups: 30 (14.9%)

Largest Religious Group: Christianity (91.0%)
Professing Christians: 91.0% (12.21% Evangelicals)

Widely known as one of the two Christian countries in Asia, Philippines is a nation made up of over 7000 islands across 81 provinces. Its population of 101 million makes it the 12th most populous country in the world. About 80% of the country's population identifies themselves as Roman Catholics with another 12% being Evangelicals.

Being formerly a Spanish colony that introduced Roman Catholicism to the nation since the 16th century before coming under the American rule in 1898, most Filipinos today are Roman Catholics with the church and its leaders exercising a powerful influence on politics and daily life. Both Filipino and English languages are widely used in the government, education, print, broadcast media, and business sectors.

Despite the presence of the Christian culture, social illnesses such as premarital relationships, homosexuality, drugs and adultery continue to rise with each passing year, contributing to an increase of broken families where many children grow up in single-parent homes. This is compounded by close to one third of the population living in poverty, which led to many Filipinos moving to neighboring countries to seek for work, and their influence can be felt throughout Southeast Asian cities.

As a result of facing such difficulties in everyday living, it cultivates a habit of perseverance among Christians in their faith as churches across the nation continually to work closely with one another to impact the nation. Evangelical churches in particular, are constantly striving to advance the Gospel by actively equipping and mobilizing their members into devoting their lives as missionaries both in the nation and across the world.

Pray for Philippines

1. Pray for unity among churches in the Philippines, that church leaders will put aside their differences and actively seek out for opportunities to co-work together in transforming the society with the Gospel;

2. Pray for the discipleship of Filipino Christians with solid biblical teachings, that they will be able to discern well and withstand the influence of nominalism, syncretistic practices and cult teachings that dilute the Truth;

3. Pray for mobilization of more believers into full-time mission and respond to the call to bring the Gospel to the unreached in the nation and across the world.