Total Population: 5,603,000
Unreached Population: 919,000 (16.4%)

Number of People Groups: 49
Number of Unreached People Groups: 19 (38.8%)

Largest Religious Group: Buddhism (42.0%)
Professing Christians: 13.5% (6.59% Evangelicals)

Singapore is an island located at the south of the Malay Peninsula and is a much developed nation with a booming economy. Formerly a British trade colony before gaining independence as part of Malaysia in 1963, the nation separated from Malaysia two years later, and has since developed into one of the key commercial centers across the world.

The country is home to three major ethnic groups, with 74% of its population being Chinese, 13% Malays and 9% Indians. In regards to religions, majority of the population, about 41% are Buddhists with 12.8% Muslims and 13.5% Christians, who all enjoy much freedom to exercise their faith. The local government strives hard to maintain religious harmony where resolute action will be taken when these are threatened.

Amidst the nation’s development and religious tolerance, megachurches continue to sprout in recent years as more Singaporeans came to receive Christ as their Savior. However, Christians struggle to maintain their faith living in a highly materialistic, competitive, and achievement-oriented society as prosperity gospel creeps into the churches.

In spite of the challenges, a research conducted by The Center for the Study of Global Christianity in 2013 reveals that Singapore has been one of the top countries worldwide in sending most missionaries per million church members. Such are the developments, that prominent mission organizations have even established their international headquarters in the country, further strengthening the nation as a strategic point of global mission.

Pray for Singapore

1. Pray for the Church in Singapore to be a blessing for global missions, by actively equipping missionaries and providing much needed resources to be sent to least-evangelized nations;

2. Pray for the affluent Christians to be a positive influence in their communities while remaining committed to the biblical faith and not be swayed by teachings of the prosperity gospel;

3. Pray for the developments of campus and migrant ministries, that the vast number of foreign students and workers will have more opportunities to hear the Gospel during their stay in Singapore.