Total Population: 68,050,000
Unreached Population: 67,072,000 (98.6%)

Number of People Groups: 115
Number of Unreached People Groups: 82 (71.3%)

Largest Religious Group: Buddhism (84.6%)
Professing Christians: 1.3% (0.51% Evangelicals)

Located at the center of Mainland Southeast Asia region, Thailand, which means “land of the free”, is the only country that has never been colonized by Western countries in Southeast Asia. Surrounded by Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia, Close to 96% of its population are native Thais with the rest being Burmese (2%) and other minority ethnic groups.

There are more than 250,000 Buddhist monks serving in over 30,000 temples across Thailand, not only marking out Buddhism as the largest faith with around 85% of its population being adherents, but contributing its part in cultivating the Thai national identity while permeating into every level of society and culture.

Amidst such environment, despite boasting more than 160 years of missionary work on top of its freedom to share the Gospel widely as compared to its SEA neighbors, till today, still only 1.3% of its population are Christians, thus distinguishing Thailand as one of the difficult mission fields in the region.

In spite of this, Thailand has great potential where Gospel could spread quickly with active involvement of local churches in the distribution of Christian literature and broadcasting of Christian programs in radio stations.

Pray for Thailand

1. Pray for the Church in Thailand as an effective Christian witness and spreading of the Gospel to permeate the culture of Buddhism, spiritism and the occult that dominate all spheres of the society;

2. Pray for the hearts of the unreached to be opened to the Gospel, and for Thai Christians to discover methods to share and explain the Gospel in ways where the unreached could relate to;

3. Pray for the church planting efforts in the rural areas, where most unreached people groups reside, that local leaders would be equipped to disciple their church members in their faith.