Total Population: 94,324,000
Unreached Population: 8,575,000 (9.1%)

Number of People Groups: 119
Number of Unreached People Groups: 70 (58.8%)

Largest Religious Group: Buddhism (52.1%)
Professing Christians: 9.5% (1.75% Evangelicals)

Long and narrow, Vietnam lies on the eastern coast of Indochinese Peninsula, and is bordered by Laos and Cambodia on its west and China to its north. It is known as the “breadbasket” of the region with 50% of its area being dense forest. 52% of its nation’s population are Buddhists with 9.5% being professing Christians.

However, since 1940s, during the war against the Japanese and French occupation, the entire nation suffered and has been recovering over the course. This is compounded by several decades of fighting between the communist North Vietnam and anti-communist South Vietnam, until the reunification of both North and South Vietnam under communist rule in 1975.

Throughout the period, Christianity in Vietnam underwent much persecutions and tribulations. Churches were destroyed with many Christians being killed and injured in addition to Christian organizations being dismantled amidst the influx of Marxist policies.

Following the collapse of Eastern Europe and Russia in the 1990s, Christianity in Vietnam welcomes a new breath of life as churches were being rebuilt and experienced a period of revival. Nevertheless, though freedom of religion is constitutionally guaranteed, new regulations in 2005 require religious groups to register with the government. This served to be a stumbling block to the wide spread of the Gospel with churches being denied registration, with some, particularly in central Vietnam facing constant persecutions.

In spite of that, the challenges give rise to a generation of Christians who are well grounded in faith and instill a spirit of perseverance amidst continual hardships, bringing hope for the Gospel to be eventually shared with every Vietnamese.

Pray for Vietnam

1. Pray for the Vietnamese believers to remain steadfast in their faith, despite the persecution that persists, particularly in rural areas, where village chiefs and local authorities continue to harass them;

2. Pray for wisdom for the Church in Vietnam as they seek to contextualize their presentation of the Gospel amidst ancestral worship that runs deep in its culture, without compromising on the Truth;

3. Pray for greater favor from government in its management of unregistered house churches; that Christians will have greater freedom to express their faith while sharing the Gospel to others.