“Raise Leader with Keeping Standard of Daily Evangelism”

General Secretary OA Southeast Asia, Pastor Samuel said on Oct. 10, “It is important to sleep on time and get up early and live efficiently one day. The church has to full focus on daily evangelism and raising leaders so we send many members to OU to get a good education.”

Pastor Samuel delivered a leading points from WOA emphasized by the conference “Now there is a new way for us to study in six campuses in the United States: mission, music, IT, business) and “If you are difficult to go to the United States, you can study at OU campuses in other parts of the UK and India,” he said.

Pastor Samuel pointed out that “problem is that there is no one to send because we have not been able to evangelize so from now on, as we realized this problem, we evangelize diligently to raise church leaders and we must become true disciples who are able to bear the fruit of our times.”

Lastly, Pastor Samuel encouraged SEA church leaders to establish clear evangelism standards and to spread the gospel diligently in order to achieve SEA’s goal of ’50 churches and 20,000 Members, Sending 77 OU Students’ this year.