Singapore Church Had Graceful Sunday Service with Three New Comers

Singapore Immanuel Church held Sunday Service on 23 June, 2019. By the grace of God, two Bible study students of YEF Jidong Kang and Xiaotong Fan, and Brother Jidong brought his 4 years old son, three of them attended Sunday Service for the first time.

Missionary Leah delivered the message entitle “The Parable of Sower” taken from . Jesus tell the parable of heaven, Jesus said the heaven is not here and not there, but in our heart. All the people desires joy, peace, love, because man are from God. But our hearts full of emptiness, sinful desire, anger, hatred, because man left God, that’s why we are living in pain. Jesus he come and he bring the heaven to us, he the Kingdom of heaven is not coming through fighting, nor religious mysticism, Jesus said from listen the words of God, start from sowing the seed. He knew our pain, he really wants to save us and heal us. He doesn’t look our outward things, but only cherish our heart, our spirit. Missionary Leah encouraged attendants must know how the words of God precious and accept the word into our hearts.