Singapore Immanuel Church Holds The Graceful Sunday Service

On 26th April 2020, Singapore Immanuel Church held Sunday Service.

Pastor Drew preached the sermon on book of Romans 6:5-9, titled “If we have been united with Him in a death like His, we will certainly also be united with Him in a resurrection like His.”. He shared that it is important to see the connection between Jesus’ death and our salvation. The one who crucified Jesus is us, Jesus died for our sins. Our old self is crucified with Christ. When we cross over death, we can truly meet resurrected Christ. Jesus is our spiritual husband. Paul said that we need to be presented to God as a pure virgin.

After the service, members shared their grace. One Brother shared that “Even if we are Christians, we still commit sins in our daily life. Sometimes Satan use this opportunity to condemn us and criticize. However, we should not be knocked down. We commit sin, we have the habit, but fundamentally, we are saved. God has given us a lot. We believe in Jesus, we receive a lot of grace and gift from God, so we should not be knocked down. We should not always focus on sin, but gratitude, focus on what God has given, then we can have confidence. We need to admit our sins. We need to know the power of God and focus on Him, not our sins. Even though we commit sins and criticized by Satan, what is important is to remember how much God has given us. His grace is way more than weight of sin.”

At last P. Drew encourage all members to meditate the love of cross and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, to rely on the grace of God to grow daily.