Become an Olivet Assembly Supporter

OA SEA gladly accepts all donations made with a cheerful heart. Your donation can be directed to Church Planting, or Missionary Support. Thank you for the joyful heart in which you give to build the Kingdom of God.

1) Church Planting

Support a spiritual house.In Southeast Asia, there is an increased need to plant churches where out of a population of 635 million residing in the region, approximately 51.6% belong to the unreached people groups.

OA SEA is calling for increased support in order to offer financial aid to these faithful and diligent missionaries responding to the call of church planting. The donations received will go towards church rent, living costs, and the furtherance of the missionaries’ educations.

2) Missionary Care

Minister CareMissionaries are the frontlines of expanding the mission field across the world. As such, they should be blessed and provided for in their daily fight to bring the gospel to all the nations.

OA SEA asks for donations to continue to support all of the missionaries currently in the field. Donations can be made out to specific individuals or the missionary field in general. Their efforts are made possible by the money that allows them to maintain a church, perform evangelism, and raise Christian leaders in their communities.

Contact Us

Should you wish to donate and support the works of OA SEA in church planting and missionary care across the region, please do be in touch with us at