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The OA Adult Ministry understands the importance for the older generations to experience fellowship, study the Bible, and experience God closely. Such an active engaging faith is necessary in a world of dry religion and monotonous worldly perspectives. The community of Christ needs to have bold, mature leaders who can participate in church growth and expansion in the global setting.

Adult life is comprised of a multitude of responsibilities surrounding raising a family and managing a home. Adult Ministry desires to equip leaders and ministers with the powerful Word of God to reach out to the community of this lost generation. Entire nations are revived through the awakened hearts of adults networking and communicating this love of Jesus to the greater world.


The World attempts to offer conventional wisdom and advice to the adults who struggle to find meaning that works diligently to be stable and secure in this hectic world. OA Adult Ministry seeks to offer a greater answer through the gospel of Jesus Christ and teach the older generation that positive change can occur in their homes, workplace, and families as they learn to serve.

Similarly, the Adult ministry will bring up leaders that can carry the gospel to pioneer churches and communities with their testimonies of the Gospel. Maturity and wisdom is a resource that needs to be continuously tapped into the mission of the church, and the adult community holds a constant need for capable leaders to stand up and teach the Kingdom of God.

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