Cebu Church Has Korean Classes and Bible Study Every day

Since last week, Cebu Gratia Church started Korean language lessons and Bible study for teenagers every day on weekdays. It starts 2 pm~4 pm for middle school student and 4:10 pm ~ 6:00 pm is for high school students. While studying the Bible, they received the grace of God and invite more peoples for the Bible study in church.

On this day, More than six middle school students and high school students participated in the Korean language classes on a daily basis, and this week, they studied the creation part of 4 spiritual laws.

After Bible study on 29th Jan 2019, sister Kathleen (15 years old) said, “This was my first Bible study. I was very happy because I come to know God is love. I was so happy to know that the Image of God was love. I want to study more. ”

May Cebu church grow up every day by the work of the Holy Spirit and be able to gather more peoples to know God to change this land.