SEA Leaders Run Toward for Goal of the Easter

Now that Easter (21 April) is less than a month away in 2019, OA SEA exhorted leaders to set clear goals and work hard on evangelism by an online conference.

Pastor Nahum who led the conference, said “mission representatives from each country should look back on the week through weekly reports, and have to keep in mind lessons from OLI was held from 15th ~19t March in Manila, Philippine and mentoring message from Reverend David and we have to save souls even one more.

In particular, Pastor Nahum noted to set up the strategy for fulfilling the goal of the Easter that SEA region has a schedule to hold Easter Retreat in Bangkok, Thailand, from April 18 to 21

In addition, the theme and lecture theme of the Easter retreat was confirmed until the next meeting and speakers were selected.

For the successful Easter, all members of the SEA will do their best to gather their heart and soul.