Bangkok Church Encouraged the Members to Love Jesus and Keep His Commandments

Bangkok Immanuel Church has the first Sunday service on the new month, Pastor Nahum, minister of the Bangkok Immanuel church delivered the Sunday service message with John 14:15-24, and He encouraged the members of the church to love Jesus and to keep his commandments in daily life.

On the service, church minister shares that, many people think it is a burden to love Jesus, because need to keep his commandments because the reason is we do not know Jesus well and in our hearts, there is the habit of sin and do not want to follow to fulfill the will of spirit compared to the desire of the body. Jesus knows our weakness and gives us the Holy Spirit to help us and comfort us. It really gives us the strength to love God. We should try our best to follow the truth and will surely see God in our life.

One member shared ” as a Christian, I came to know that it is very important to love Jesus and follow His Words, we have the weakness, but Jesus opens a new era for us, I wish to try to get comfort from the Holy Spirit so that I may able to have a no lacking life in spirit and It is with hope that my heart can be closer to him and seek God’s grace more.

Thank God for the Sunday service with members, May God lead Immanuel church can breakthrough the mission during the Pentecost period.