Manila Church had a Graceful Wednesday Service Meditating the Book of Exodus

The minister of Manila Church started to share the book of Exodus every Wednesday Service. As the first chapter being shared, the minister emphasized the Trust and Obedience to the Lord in times of difficulties.

Members were filled with so much grace as they shared their experiences and reflections to the passage. A member shared, “the passage really meant for me, because right now I’m struggling to deal with people and I almost forgot that there is God above there, watching me. There are these times like the Israelites who are impatient but what amazes me is the attitude of the midwives for obeying and from fearing the Lord.”

He added, ” I think if we are aware of that, we will never forget to trust Him. as it was mentioned fearing the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, so I pray that may the Lord help me to have this wisdom and for trusting Him and having this patience to those people.”