Manila Immanuel Church Ignites Hearing “the Lamb of God” from the Book of John

On May 19 2019, Singapore Immanuel Church held its Sunday service. By the grace of God, sister Si Ting of YEF SG attended Sunday service for the first time, before she couldn’t attend the service because of the personal reason.

Missionary Leah delivered message from book Acts 3:1-10 and entitled: Look at us! The message emphasized: This is the first Miracle that Apostles performed. First, Apostles kept the precious tradition and go the temple courts to pray afternoon 3 pm, which is the tradition of Jewish people. We shall keep the precious tradition as Apostle did. All our tradition is not my our own mind, but following the words of God, guidance , the early church and Apostles. Secondly, the name of Jesus of Nazareth and ‘look at us”, these are what we should testify when we go to evangelize. Jesus is Savior, is the son of God. And what he has done for me, how I personally was saved and changed. These are the testimony we should tell others. The lame was healed and became the disciple of Jesus, together with Apostles to praise God and declare what Lord has done to him.

After service, they had sharing time. Sister Shiting who attend the Sunday service for the first time shared, “The message is really good for my situation. I am very thankful that I could come to Sunday service. I am about to go aboard for my school project. Through the message I learnt that I should keep my spiritual standard and close to God daily.”

Esther who had service with Children shared, “Children are very pure, They could believe and accept the Love of God, the creation very easily and felt so thankful for the creation of God. I hope I could know God love more and accept the grace of God like Child, but not pursue it Through analyzing.”

May God add more souls to Singapore Immanuel Church during the period of Pentecost!