SEA F&F Online Prayer Meeting Started to Receive Guidance of God

The first SEA F&F prayer meeting started to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit in order to win in the spiritual battle of many ways on May 23, 2019.

Family prayer meetings attended by the five families of the SEA. It started with a prayer of thanks and repentance for God as praying for families together, praying warmly to each family.

Through the online prayer meeting, we were once again able to ascertain how precious and great the mission of our family church was, according to God’s will. And we could have a deep prayer time to look back and repent if the world’s thoughts and ways did not permeate into our family church.

The missionary Daniela, who led the prayer meeting, commented, ‘We want to make our family as a church and a foundation for the kingdom of heaven. Thank you for starting the family prayer meeting, and I also want to learn more and to build a home under God’s will.’

and Leah Missionary in Singapore attended the meeting, shared ” F&F online prayer meeting was very necessary for us. and This is really helpful to get strength.”

Through F&F prayer meeting, SEA’s families hope to stand firm in the faith.