Cebu Church Closed in the First-half with Earnest Prayer for Revival

Cebu Gratia Church held its last prayer meeting in June on Friday, ending the first half of 2019 in the grace of the Holy Spirit.

At the prayer meeting presided over by Elim leader Sister Alyssa, the members shared their respective prayer topics and offered thanks and repentance together.

The following are the Prayer Topics of the Cebu Church. Members of the Cebu Church will do their best, believing that these prayers will surely be answered.

◆ Prayer Topics for July
1. Set up a Music and Campus Ministry Leader
2. Find a New Church Place
3. Successful SEA Mission Summit and SLS Medical Mission in Cebu

◆ Prayer Topics for Second-half
1. Pioneering two more churches in Cebu
2. Set up 70 CMs
3. Set up CMC