OA Southeast Asia Releases Goals for 2020

General Office of Olivet Assembly of Southeast Asia released on the Goals for 2020.

The plan focused on strengthening the organization of the headquarters and establishing a stable financial support system to enable continued mission work.

General Secretary will visit each country to be united and support them.

■ Goals for 2020
1. Recruiting Staff and Setting Up Each Department of General Office of OA SEA.
– Department of General Affairs
– Department of Finance
– Department of Mission & Education
– Department of IT & Design
– Department of Music & Worship
– Department of Family Affairs
2. Setting Up Strong TM/KB teams (8 members).
3. Buying Olivet Center for SEA In Philippines.
4. Sending more than 40 OU students.
5. Setting Up 120 couples of Family Church
6. Completing the Pioneering of All 11 Countries.
7. Achieving 1,000 churches and 100,000 members.