Bangkok Church Holds Graceful Christmas Activity

On December 15th 2019, Bangkok Immanuel Church held graceful Christmas Activity. Total 12 attendants joined the event. Everyone received grace and love from God.

In the morning Sunday Service was held. Pastor Stephen shared message titled “Jesus in a Manger”. From the message everyone meditated deeply about the love of God and the humbleness of Jesus Christ.

After the service, everyone gathered together and had food that members had lunch with joy and gratefulness. After the lunch, they shared the grace from today’s messages.

Christmas Activity was followed after that. Attendants were divided into two groups and compete with each other about guessing the word by behavior and guessing the name of praise songs by singing melody. Everyone participated joyfully.

Then at last it was the most graceful part. Everyone was asked for sharing their thankfulness of the past year and plans of new year.

Christmas activity was ended with prayer and attendants received grace and were strengthened a lot. Pray that God continue to lead the church and members to grow more and more.