Manila Church Held Graceful Christmas Service

On December 25th, Manila members gathered in the holy presence of God to meditate the deep love of God.

The Christmas service was attended by the member’s family and they were very blessed to hear the message of God through the passage of Luke 2: 1-14 where it emphasizes the coming of Jesus in a humble manner.

Leader Rachel exhorted, ” Why did Jesus was born in a low life status when itis said that he was the king of kings and prince of peace? Jesus was born in that humble way to reach the poor and to be the role model of mankind. Yes, he was the Savior and the Messiah, however, he didn’t come down with shining armor nor with golden robes, and with a high position. He came as a living proof that God wants to reach us. He wants to understand us. That is how patient our God is.”

Truly, God is loving God whom waits us faithfully into coming back to Him. Through His Son, Jesus the Messiah, He gives us the meaning of living. It is through His daily bread that man continues to live and into meditating the deep love of God.

May He reigns gloriously in this world and may the Manila members be the vessel to share the gospel of God to every part of the earth. Glory to God, the only Father we adore!