Singapore Church Meditates on Faith of Canaanite Woman

Singapore Immanuel Church held Wednesday service with online broadcast. There were a total of 5 attendees.

Leader Esther of Youth Evangelical Fellowship Singapore shared a message from Matthew 15:21-28 on the “Faith of the Canaanite Woman”. She shared how the woman was in the position where it was difficult to believe but she humbled herself and admitted that she was undeserving of the grace. Jesus praised the woman that she had great faith.

Esther elaborated that even when the woman was rejected, she persisted in seeking the grace of Christ. For the Jews, who are the chosen people of God, inside of them they tend to have an arrogance and took the grace of God for granted. Whereas this woman, she had the heart to receive even a little. The great faith inside of this gentile woman surpassed that of the Jews.

After the service, brother Jidong shared “Jesus had a heart of love towards the Canaanite woman. He was trying to tell her how to receive grace, it was to lower herself. One cannot receive grace if one is arrogant. Listening to today’s message, I recall the times when Missionary Leah took a lot of effort to have Bible Study with me in the beginning, but I took it for granted. I saw the ugly side of me back then.”

Sister Nan shared that she repented when she listened to the message. “The Canaanite woman is in a position where she was humiliated. I do not have faith like her and I would not be able to humble myself like her. Inside of me, I just took things for granted. I think I need to learn from her, that no matter in what position, I need to have faith and believe God.”

All the members were thankful for the Word that the Lord had blessed them with. May God guard their hearts and minds with His Word.