Manila Church Sunday Service: “The Opening of the Roof”

The congregants of Manila Immanuel Church reflected and shared their self-assessment of their faith and spiritual status with regards to the message of Mark 2:1-12.

The message titled “The Opening of the Roof” from the book of Mark 2:1-12. Leader Jaidi shared, “Our world right now needs people like these four men who helped the paralytic men. We have to be the ones who will help one another to draw them to Jesus Christ for them to get healed and to draw them back to Christ.”

“We must change our mindset that when everything seems so hopeless always remember Jesus Christ for, He is the way, the truth, and the life. If we set our minds above, we will always remember that if it’s for the Lord, there will and must be a way for God. Let’s stop justifying ourselves from our sins and let’s stop making excuses. We all wanted to grow in faith and to that happen, we shall come to the Lord more often.” She added.

In conclusion to the message, she said, “It’s better if we think that we are sick that we may come to our great Doctor more often and tell Him our true condition because He will give us the right medicine and will closely look after till we get better. May we not be the ones who are spiritually paralyzed and be confined to the situation.”

A member joyfully shed tears in sharing her meditation about the message. “I am once like a paralyzed man and we all have these four men who helped us to grow in faith. These four men actually not literally four but more than four sometimes. There are many people in our Christian faith who helps us through prayers for us to be healed and to come to God. I am so thankful despite my rebellious old self, those people were able to pray in tears for me to be saved and now I can feel their hearts towards those people who are stubborn and arrogant not knowing that they are sick. I am beyond grateful that they don’tĀ give up on me till I reached what God wants me to do.”

By the grace of God, despite the pandemic, members started to join the service in the church and had abundant fellowship sharing their difficulties in the previous months for not be able to come to church because of the protocols of the authority. However, the fellowship concludes with a joyful heart.

May the Lord protect Manila Church and members that they may become Spiritually awaken and have an urgent heart to share the Gospel to the ends of the earth.