OA Southeast Asia Releases Goals and Action Plan for 2021

On January 3rd, General Office of Olivet Assembly Southeast Asia (GO SEA) released on the detailed action plan for 2021.

The plan focuses on fully acquiring Olivet Center (OC) in Indonesia and making a strong headquarters organization around it to foster good leaders.

The plan also focuses on strengthening the business teams for each country’s self-reliance and maintenance of OC.

General Secretary will visit each country to be united and support them.

■ Major Goals for 2021
1. Pioneer 3 countries (Cambodia, Myanmar, East Timor) and complete 10 countries.
2. Make and activate Olive Seminary in every country and use it as a tool for Mass Evangelism.

■ Annual Action Plan for 2021

Jan. 1st – New Year’s Day Service
Jan. 28th-30th – Leadership Conference for 1st Quarter

Feb. 11th~13th – Regional Online Leaders Forum
Feb. 17th – Ash Wednesday (Start of Lent)
Feb. 21st – First Sunday in Lent

Mar. 11th-13th – Regional Leadership Training (OLI)
Mar. 28th – Palm Sunday
Mar. 29th~April 3rd – Passion week

April 1st~4th – Easter Retreat
(April 4th – Easter Day)
April 5th – Leadership Conference for 2nd Quarter

May 21st~23rd – Pentecost Retreat
(May 23rd – Day of Pentecost)

Jun. 17th~19th – Regional Leadership Training (OLI)
Jun. 22nd~26th – General Secretary Visits Thailand

Jul. 7th – Leadership Conference for 3rd Quarter

Aug. 26th~29th – Summer Retreat

Sep. 16th~18th – Regional Leadership Training

Oct. 4th – Leadership Conference for 4th Quarter
Oct. 27th – Nov. 1st (Not yet Confirmed) – World General Assembly

Nov. 25th – Thanksgiving Service
Nov. 26th~28th (Not yet Confirmed) – Jubilee-Elim Asian Vision Trip 2020

Dec. 22nd ~25th – Christmas Retreat
(Dec. 25th – Christmas Day)
Dec. 25th ~ 27th – Regional Leadership Training (OLI)
Dec. 31st – New Year’s Day Service