SEA Christmas Retreat Concludes Gracefully : “Look to the Cross of Precious Blood”

On December 27, Olivet Assembly of Southeast Asia (OA SEA) Concluded the 4-days 2020 Joint Online Christmas Retreat gracefully, with testimonies and Closing Service broadcast via Webex delivered by Pastor Samuel with a message titled, “Look to the Cross of Precious Blood” from Romans 3:23-24.

A Time of Testimony Every nation has an opportunity to share their testimonies of how God has changed their lives. it took two hours and two people testify each country. One member in one country shared how amazing the work of the Holy Spirit in his struggle against his sinful desires. Truly the Holy Spirit works in him once he repented and decided to change and wants to live a Holy life.

Pastor Samuel exhorted, “we studied the Romans during the Christmas Retreat, we must read Romans a lot and realize it deeply in order to depend our faith. We must clearly understand the grace and the love of the Lord. We must have a clear understanding of the salvation we have in us. Paul confessed that he had been crucified with Christ. Once we become born again everything becomes very simple. We don’t see the past but the future only. We see the bright future only. And life become optimistic and positive because everything has been cleared. All we need to do is to accept Jesus Christ within us by receiving this grace by faith. let’s preached this truth and stand firm on the foundation of the Gospel.”

During the four-day Christmas Retreat it is true that God’s love fills the entire gathering in Southeast Asia. May the Churches in Southeast Asia stand firm on the foundation of the Gospel even more and open up a better future and reveal the glory of the Lord.