Manila Church Holds Dedication Service in New Location

For more than a year, Manila Immanuel Church prayed for a new, more prominent building. Eventually, the last day of January they held the Dedication Service at a newly renovated sanctuary near the University Belt where the crowd of students and different individuals walk, gather, and wander.

They meditated on the book of Genesis 15:8-13 titled “Separating and Dividing.” Minister Ruth shared ” We must know how to separate and divide things for God and the world. We must not stain what Holy is. God is a reasonable God, but we must not abuse what he gave, and we must treasure everything we get. In verse 10, Abraham forgot the dove, which symbolizes purity, and with this small gesture, so many things he must face but still God is the real promise keeper. We are like Abraham. Sometimes we forgot things that have significant consequences in our lives, but we know that we have God, a pure God. We give what is holy to His eyes. We must adore Him with all our might.”

After the Service, they had a table fellowship and one sister shared “As we finished the renovation and today is our dedication, I was so grateful to God for the strength that God has provided to us. Though we felt tired physically since our spirit is happy working for God, tiredness immediately fade. Since we are in the new church, the message was so touching, and dividing is essential. The church should be the place wherein peace must be acquired upon entering it. I am so blessed that the message reminds me that we should do our best to live with the Gospel.”

The Service ended with everyone praying for evangelism to prosper in this area in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen!