OA SEA Weekly Conference : “More Focus on Effective Evangelism”

Recently, Olivet Assembly of Southeast Asia (OA SEA) held a weekly mission conference, reported the situation of each country, and discussed strategies for evangelism.

Leaders concluded that they should use various online platforms, constantly pray and develop concentration for effective evangelism in Rock-down situation.

The following the key weekly reports from SEA:

▲ OA Philippines
– Manila Signed contract and start renovation on new church place.
– Those who inquire and apply in OS Philippines will be followed up this week.
– Planning to have National Retreat on February.

▲ OA Singapore
– Singapore Church members are keeping growing. For 2 weeks, all the church members start to attend morning service. Pastor Drew preaches Galatians these days. The members have been receiving abundant grace through attending morning service.
– Church leaders are staying focused on online evangelism. They are inviting people to the online prayer meeting. Without asking bible study first, we try to pray for those we need prayer. We pray that through this we may have more bible students in the future.

▲ OA Thailand
– Missionaries went to Chiang Mai and Payup University, they meet 10 students who can speak both Chinese and Thai.
– Continued online evangelism and updated the Wechat public accounts
– Bible study with 5 students, all of them are learning well.
– TM continues to find more items, hope we can self support mission soon.

▲ OA Malaysia
– Created 4 blogging platform to share the word of God and share the link to social networks, hope to attract the hunger one to have bible study soon.
– Plan to create bible study PPT to share to the public through Slideshare platform.
– Designing a landing page for student bible study to promote it soon.
KB and TM teams are making efforts to make new breakthroughs in sales during the off-season.