Follow the Resurrected Lord and Continue the History of Victory

On 5th of April, the Olivet Assembly of Southeast Asia (OA SEA) held the first mission conference after Easter.At the meeting, leaders discussed evaluating of the Easter retreats and establishing specific goals and plans by Pentecost.

General secretary of OA SEA urged “It is important to follow the resurrected Lord and inherit the history of victory until Pentecost. Especially since Olivet Center’s last payment is right after Pentecost, we need to pray more and gather our hearts.”

The following are weekly reports from each church.

▲ OA Indonesia
– Indonesia Missionary will apply for a visa to visit Indonesia this week and go to Jakarta next week with a visa. After five days of quarantine.

▲ OA Philippines
– Church had 6 new attendees on our Easter Retreat; They planned to contact them and invite on their services online.
– OF/YEF SEA Representative arrived in Manila and joined Easter Retreat
– They planned to have discussion/meeting with other PH leaders to develop and strategize the mission once they got back in Cebu; Especially in Evangelism and setting up Committed members and Devoted Members (Fellowship leaders too)

▲ OA Vietnam
– Vietnam church held Easter retreat on 3 April.
– A sister who can speak in Korean was evangelized and helped translation.

▲ OA Malaysia
– By the grace of God, Kuala Lumpur church has nearly 120 followers joined our Instagram Live Easter Retreat. Next step is to contact them one by one to further bible study with them.
– They are also planning to have weekly Instagram Live fellowship both Chinese and English, so that can have regularly conversation with the followers and invite for bible lessons.

▲ OA Singapore
– Singapore church held National Easter retreat.
– On 2nd April 2021, Singapore Immanuel Church began the three days Easter Retreat with a Good Friday Prayer Meeting with two Indian brothers, Sudhakaran and Sharwin. Both of them are cousins and they have been previously attending regular prayer meetings organized by Singapore Church.
– Singapore leaders received abundant grace and power during Easter, they hope to work diligently in the rest months of year 2021. Especially they will focus on online and onsite evangelism during the period before Pentecost .

▲ OA Laos
– last week Vientiane Church held Easter retreat with Thailand Church. Through the Retreat, leaders and members got abundant grace and hope. They will keep this grace to save one more Souls.

▲ OA Thailand
– Thailand churches held Easter retreat with Laos church. This time mainly pastor Stephen and missionary Rebekah delivered the message, Intern pastor Nate presided and Brother Nuolao helped to lead the praise and worship, missionary Helen help to translate. A total of eight people participated in the retreat and they learned from John 13-19.