“The Righteous Shall Live by Faith”

Manila Immanuel Church meditates ‘The Righteous Shall Live by Faith” from Romans 1:16-17.

The congregation was reminded once again of the importance of knowing the deep and true meaning of salvation. “We may define what salvation means but do we know the deep and true meaning of this word?” Intern Pastor Ruth asked.

As she continues, she said, “We all experienced this grace of the Lord that we were all given the salvation. With this inside us, this brings boldness and great courage to share with others. ┬áBecause salvation must not stop in us but must flow through us.”

“Apostle Paul said that no one is righteous, it is true but we can be righteous, we can be holy only if we live by faith.” she concluded.

Pray for Manila Church to receive strength and may have zealous heart to evangelize before Pentecost.