Kuala Lumpur Church Online Sunday service “Opening in the roof”

Last Sunday, Kuala Lumpur Immanuel Church held an online Sunday service entitled “Opening in the roof” taken from Mark 2: 1-5.

Pastor James encouraged the members to go to the Lord of Life. This is the most important thing in faith, that is, to get close to the source of life.

If we stood in the position of this paralyzed man, we would really like to get close to Jesus, but when we can’t get close at all, this is a depressing thing.

The four people took apart the roof and then let him down. What an amazing scene when the roof was suddenly opened during the gathering at that time!

There are also many impossible things in life. When interpersonal relationships become difficult, we have to look to God, and we should turn to vertical thinking. As long as our thoughts change, the impossible will immediately become possible.