OA SEA Stretch Out Their Tenths on Evangelism Through Various Social Platforms

With a determination and perseverance to evangelize and bear fruit for the month of September, Olivet Assembly (OA) of Southeast Asia (SEA) churches endeavor the various social media platforms to reach out more souls and widen the network of evangelism in each national OA’s.

This month, the church ministers have been setting up new evangelism platfiorms in facebook, instagram, and youtube; creating and posting variety contents to build up the church identity via online. SEA leaders are engaging their selves in improving their evangelism websites in this new month to seek the lost souls and and make God be known to them.

Let us continue to pray for the SEA ministers, to have a good health in body and spirit everyday, to lead more students to Bible study and pray for wisdom of God for every members of SEA to actively participate in this great history of building God’s kingdom.