Missionary Training Equips New Frontier Missionaries to Proclaim Gospel Effectively

After experiencing the outpouring work of the Holy Spirit across the past four days, the regional Missionary Training that was held in Olivet Center Southeast Asia concluded on the evening of September 30, 2022 with a Missionary Commissioning Service where new missionaries were officially dispatched from the Olivet Assembly of Southeast Asia (OA SEA) to their respective mission fields.

During the service, the General Secretary of OA SEA delivered the message from Acts 28:23-31, which was entitled, ‘Boldly and Without Hindrance He Preached the Kingdom of God and Jesus Christ’.

The missionaries who attended the Missionary Training were exhorted to always be near to the Word, and interpret their mission fields in the eyes of the Truth, rather than being confined by the realities of the environment. Just as Apostle Paul, they are to always be prepared to encounter those who will not believe, just as those who will be convinced by their preaching (Acts 28:24).

By following the apostle’s example who proclaimed the Gospel from morning till evening despite being under house arrest (Acts 28:23), they are to boldly and diligently sow the seeds of Gospel in search of those with a heart of good soil with the ability to produce fruits a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown (Matthew 13:8). Moreover, they were reminded to treasure their precious calling as missionaries for it is through being at the forefront of mission, will their faith truly grow as they experience deeply of the presence of Jesus Christ who is always with them to the very end of the age (Matthew 28:20).

The service concluded with full of joy and hope as the congregation blessed the missionaries and sent them off to fulfill their calling to the Lord’s Great Commission with prayers.

Giving thanks to God for His overflowing grace throughout the Missionary Training, it is with great anticipation that as every SEA missionary are being ignited to proclaim the Gospel with all boldness and without hindrance, many precious souls will be led to know Jesus Christ and His Kingdom across the SEA continent and beyond.