Yangon Church Youth Bible Retreat Inspires Vision for the Kingdom of God

On July 1, 2023, a youth Bible retreat was held gracefully at Yangon Revival Church, gathering a group young people who meditated deeply on the Parables of the Kingdom that centered on Matthew chapter 13.

Through the five lectures that were delivered throughout the day, the attendants were greatly encouraged by the Word as they were challenged to participate in the urgent works of sharing the Gospel with their fellow friends and family members. Beyond their own personal salvation that was already received by faith from the Lord, they came to understand the deep meaning of the Kingdom of God and the urgency to lead one more soul to know Jesus Christ.

In addition to the lectures, the attendants also participated actively in small group sharing and various activities that further deepened their understanding of the Word.

May God continue to bless every retreat attendant, that as they were ignited by the dream for the Kingdom of God, they will be moved to actively share the Gospel with many who are thirsty for the Truth of salvation.