OA SEA Revamps 3-Phase Bible Teacher Training to Spur Church Planting Efforts

In support of the current church planting efforts, the Olivet Assembly of Southeast Asia (OA SEA) General Office has initiated the process of revamping its Bible Teacher Training program that will be crucial to equip members of its churches as Bible teachers toward teaching the Word boldly in their respective mission fields.

Working toward raising new teachers of the Word systematically, the Bible Teacher Training program is being reorganized into basic, intermediate and advanced phases. By shaping the program in 3-stages, it is aimed to group the Bible teacher trainees to follow through the program according to their current faith and commitment levels.

Moreover, the restructuring of the program also provides the opportunity for OA SEA churches to further evaluate their trainees with the aim to motivate them to complete the phases swiftly, which will greatly aid their discipleship and church planting efforts.

It is with great anticipation that through the 3-phase Bible Teacher Training program that is being developed, numerous Bible teachers will be raised to proclaim the message of salvation boldly with many.