OA SEA Churches Hold Christmas Retreats, Proclaim Deep Meaning of the Lord’s Coming

With hearts yearning to know the deeper meaning of the Lord’s coming, a series of Christmas retreats and activities will be held in Olivet Assembly of Southeast Asia (OA SEA) churches over this weekend as the church members look ahead to greet Christmas Day next Monday with great anticipation of harvest.

Over the years, Christmas retreats have served as a scene of harvest where many members of OA SEA churches have been evangelized as they experienced deep immersion in the Word of God and the grace of the Holy Spirit that had led them to decide to commit their lives to Jesus Christ their personal Lord and Savior.

It is thus with great anticipation that it will be of the same this year as OA SEA churches look forward to reap a grand harvest of souls through their Christmas retreats and activities, as the deep meaning of Christmas and the Good News of the Lord’s coming are being proclaimed widely across each mission field.