OLI Leadership Training Renews Commitment to Live Out Teachings of Christ

On the evening of January 23, 2024, the first Olivet Leadership Institute (OLI) Leadership Training session of 2024 concluded after six days of intensive training at the Olivet Center Southeast Asia, as participating leaders across the region return to their respective mission fields with renewed determination and hope.

As the Leadership Training concludes, the participants were challenged to examine their motives for seeking Jesus as they meditated on the closing service sermon from John 15:1-11, if this training would end up a mere gathering or a genuine desire for transformation. The call to live in alignment with the Truth learned is viewed as a personal responsibility that can impact others and serve as the foundation for evangelism throughout the year.

Over the course of the 6-day training, the participants examined deeply about the important matters of salvation through Romans 1-8 lectures, in addition to various workshops on evangelism, teaching and prayer. Moreover, testimonies by several missionaries on the field also made lasting impression on the participants to inherit their path of faith.

May this first OLI Leadership Training session of 2024 will not be seen as just an end, but as a starting point for a renewed commitment to live out the teachings and principles of Jesus Christ, as the region actively strives to expand its mission map and raise many new leaders across this hopeful year of harvest.