OA SEA Churches Enter Lent Season Desiring to Understand the Cross of Christ Deeply

Starting from February 14, 2024, the Olivet Assembly of Southeast Asia (OA SEA) churches are commencing a 40-day journey of Lent till Easter Sunday that will fall on March 31 this year with the desire to renew their commitment to the Lord while meditating on His death on the Cross.

Over this period of Lent, OA SEA churches are encouraged to make full use of the Lent season to once again meditate on the deep meaning of the Cross, which is anticipated to greatly reignite their hearts with the passion of Christ in walking the path of the Cross till the end, as they carry out their evangelism and teaching efforts toward leading many to know Him.

Preparations for retreats to be held in respective OA SEA churches are also anticipated to be intensified in the weeks leading up to the Easter weekend.

May this Lent season be a precious time of renewal in OA SEA churches, as they come to a deeper understanding of the love of Christ that was revealed to them on the Cross.